Grooved Fittings

Approved quality, UL and FM certified.

Pipe support systems

Rubber clamp, Sprinkler clamp, Nail clamp, Beam clamp, U Bolt, Saddles, Hose clamp, etc.

Pipe Fitting Materials

PTFE tape, Wrapping tape, Boss White, Shellac, Jute, Sealant, Drill bits, Rawal Plug.

Valves and Gauge

Ball Valve, Gate Valve, NRV, Float Valve, Foot Valve, Butterfly Valve, Flanges, Gaskets, Pressure Gauge, etc.

MI and GI Pipe fittings (BIS)

Approved quality, UL and FM certified.

Gas Line Fittings

Gas Regulators, Brass Nipples, Stop Cocks, Gas Line Clamps, etc.

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